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About Us

OTP Group as a dominant banking player in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region provides high quality financial services for its more than 19 million private and corporate clients in eleven countries through its almost 1700 branches, agent networks, 5000 ATMs, internet and electronic channels and with its almost 40 000 employees. Since its 1949 founding, the company has developed to a universal financial service provider banking group. In 1990, the National Savings Bank became a public company with a share capital of HUF 23 billion. Its name was changed to the National Savings and Commercial Bank. Subsequently, non-banking activities were separated from the bank, along with their supporting organizational units.

OTP Bank’s privatization began in 1995. As a result of 3 public offers along with the introduction of the bank’s shares into the Budapest Stock Exchange. Currently the bank is characterized by dispersed ownership of mostly private and institutional (financial) investors. OTP Bank has completed several successful acquisitions in the past years, becoming a key player in the region. Besides Hungary, OTP Group currently operates in 11 countries of the region via its subsidiaries: in Albania ( OTP bank Albania) Bulgaria (DSK Bank), in Croatia (OTP banka Hrvatska), in Romania (OTP Bank Romania), in Serbia (OTP banka and Vojvodjanska banka), in Slovakia (OTP banka) in Slovenia (SKB Bank), in Ukraine (CJSC OTP Bank), in Moldova (Mobiasbanca), in Montenegro (Crnogorska komercijalna banka, Podgoricka banka) and in Russia (OAO OTP Bank).The continued development and expansion of OTP Bank have significantly contributed to the successful and efficient operation of the banking group, which can provide high quality services for both the retail and the institutional clients. Despite the intense competition OTP Bank market position is stable in several segments, as well as in terms of profitability and stability the bank belongs to the European frontline.


OTP Bank Plc is an experienced and market leader account service provider for international financial institutions for almost 20 years.

OTP Bank Plc

  • is member of the HUF RTGS clearing systems (VIBER, BKR)
  • is a direct TARGET2 and EBA STEP2, EBA EURO1/STEP1, SEPA member (EUR settlement)
  • provides EUR SEPA and HUF clearing services for its institutional partners
  • provides CLS HUF account services with the availability of using additional intraday overdraft facility
  • OTP Group members provide clearing services in the below countries in the following local currencies: Albania (ALL), Bulgaria (BGN), Croatia (HRK), Moldavia  (MDL), Romania (RON), Russia   (RUB), Serbia (RSD), Ukraine (UAH).

OTP Global Markets is a key financial service provider of the Central and Eastern European region, and thanks to its stable liquidity position, OTP stays reliable and ensures stable service even in a continuously changing market environment.

Our products:

  • FX (spot, forward, swap, options)
  • Investments (Dual Currency, Shares, Bonds, Deposits)
  • Interest Rate Trades ( I.r. swap, Cross Currency I.r. swap, I.r. option and swaption, FRA)
  • Commodities (Swaps: grain prducts, metal, oil, natural gas)

What we do:

  • Market monitoring
  • Indicative offers
  • Investment advice
  • Negotiations, Acqusitions
  • Execution of transactions

The trade finance services of OTP Group provide efficient, tailor-made solutions for financing the deliveries of our exporting clients and reducing their risks involved. The network of foreign subsidiaries and the extensive cooperation with our banking partners from outside the group countries make OTP Bank an ideal partner also for financial institutions interested in doing business in the Central and Eastern European Region.

Main trade finance products:

  • trade-related bi- and multilateral credits;
  • forfaiting and post-financing;
  • documentary business (stand-alone / in cooperation with partner banks);
  • ECA-covered finance; risk distributions and participations

Ms. Nóra Lengyel

Head of Global Financial Institutions

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